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FleetManager Radio Result Codes

If this message is returned then the radio has successfully received the LRRP message. The radio from this point forward should report back it’s GPS location based on the interval set within the FleetManager.

Indicates that the system or device does not support a particular protocol element that is being used or requested.

If the radio is making use of Enhanced GPS please confirm that the polling interval is one of the following (in seconds): 30, 60, 120, 240, or 480

This message may be seen when a subscriber radio does not have a GPS lock. The message likely will be seen once or twice after the radio has been turned on as it takes time to get a GPS lock.

If it persists however check the following:

  1. The radio is not in an area that blocks getting a GPS signal. (ex. Metal Garage)
  2. Verify that the GPS antenna connection to the radio is secure.
  3. Verify that the GPS antenna has a clear path to the sky.
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