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Deleting a Batch of Clients

In the FleetManager it is possible to remove multiple Clients from the system at once.

Doing so will revoke these clients access to the Websuite.

In This article we will be showing the steps needed to remove a batch of Clients from the FleetManager.

In order to complete this you will need the following:

  1. Access through a web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) to the FleetManager Provisioning Tool.
  • To access the page to delete a Client along the top navigation go to Clients then Batch Remove Clients.

  • The table shows the Clients that are configured on the FleetManager.

  • Using the Starting Client ID and  Ending Client ID define the sequential range of Clients to be removed.

    Once the ID range is entered click the Delete Batch button.

    Note: Once a Client has been deleted it can only be added back by adding it as a new Client.

Once the Clients have been successfully deleted the changes take effect immediately.

Starting range can not be greater than ending range. Please return and use different values.
Make sure that the Starting Client ID is less or before the Ending Client ID.
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