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Live Status Overview

This article will go over Live Status functionality in the Websuite software, including a guide on how to access it and what it can be used for.

In order to complete this you will need the following:

  1. Access through a web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) to the FleetManager Websuite and active login credentials.
  • Hover your mouse to the left to bring up the sidebar.

  • Click the Live Status button to bring up the Lone Worker settings.

Follow these steps to access the Live Status settings.

  • Each status will be displayed as a column heading. The columns below are used as examples and can be modified as mention above.

  • Each unit will be grouped under the proper column based on their last reported status.

When opening the Live Status view the main window will populate with the live status metrics of your units. Window will refresh status automatically after a short period or can be refreshed manually.

This data below is created as an example and can be modified by the administrator in the Provisioning Tool. Up to 8 live status’ can be created at a time and units can be grouped into them based on their last reported status.

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