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Programming a Data Control Station – Conventional

In this article we will go over the steps to program a data control station for a Conventional Radio System. The images are a guideline and options can differ depending on the version of Customer Programming Software you are using.

  • Set a radio ID for your control station. Typically this is 65535. Ensure this is the same as set in your voice control station.

  • Ensure GNSS (or GPS) is not checked.

From the left navigation bar, choose General Settings.

  • Ensure Privacy Type is set to the same value as the repeater.

  • If  Privacy Type is set to Basic, set a basic privacy key.

    If Privacy Type is set to Enhanced, add a privacy key.

Select Security from the left menu.

Conventional data station network configuration
  • Under Radio Network, set Forward to PC to Via USB

  • ARS Radio ID and TMS Radio ID should be left blank.

Select Network from the left navigation menu.

Conventional Data Control station contact digital set up
  • Create a new digital contact.

  • The contact will be named Dummy (this contact will be a placeholder and will not need to be in the subscribers.

In the left menu, navigate to Contacts > Digital.

  • Create a Digital RX Group list.

  • Add the Dummy contact to the members.

From the left navigation menu, choose RX Group List > Digital.

Conventional Data Station channel setup
  • Create a digital channel named Data.

  • Ensure Scan/Roam list is set to None, and set the Color Code to match what is set in the repeater.

  • Ensure the Repeater/Time Slot is set to 2

  • Ensure ARS is disabled and Enhanced GPS is unchecked (if using Enhanced GPS, see the next step).

In the left menu, choose Channels.

Conventional Data Station enhanced GPS
  • If you are using Enhanced GPS ensure it is checked.

  • Ensure Compressed UDP Header is set to MSI.

Only complete the following steps if you are using enhanced GPS, otherwise skip to the next section.

Conventional data station channel configuration continued.
  • Set both the RX and TX values  (note: these must be opposite to what is set in the repeater)

  • Set the group list to what was created in RX Group lists –Digital.

  • Set the Contact Name to Dummy.

  • Ensure Admit Criteria is set to Channel Free, and ensure the In call Criteria is set to Follow Admit Criteria.

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