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Programming a Voice Repeater – Capacity Plus

In this article we will go over the steps to program a Voice repeater for a Capacity Plus Radio System. The images are a guideline and options can differ depending on the version of Customer Programming Software you are using.

Capacity plus general settings
  • Set a Radio Name for your repeater.

  • Set a Radio ID for your repeater. This must be unique.

From the left navigation bar, choose General Settings.

  • Select the Privacy Type. All radios on your system must have the same privacy type.

Select Security from the left menu.

Capacity plus network settings
  • Set a Radio IP. This is used for programming.

  • Under Network Setting enter your IP configuration (used for IP communication).

Select Network from the left navigation menu.

Capacity plus link establishment
  • Ensure Link Type is set to Master

  • Ensure the Master IP is set to the same as the IP specified under Network.

  • Specify your desired Master UDP Port and UDP Port.

  • Under Capacity Plus set your Site ID and Site Alias.

  • Set a Reset Channel/Site IP and Rest Channel/Site UDP Port.

In the left menu, navigate to Link Establishment.

Adding capacity plus voice channel
  • Navigate to your channel zones.

  • Right Click and choose Add > Capacity Plus Voice Channel.

You must create a Capacity Plus Voice Channel.

Capacity plus voice channel configuration
  • Set your Color Code.

  • Set your RX and TX Frequencies.

  • Set your Slot 1 Channel ID (i.e. 1).

Configure your Capacity Plus Voice Channel as follows:

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