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Adding and Removing a Placemark

This article provides instructions on adding and removing placemarks in the websuite. A placemark is a marker used to indicate fixed points on the map.

Live AVL map view
  • While logged into the websuite, choose Live AVL from the left navigation bar. This is the default tab when entering the websuite.

Placemarks can be added on a per-user basis. They are added in the websuite Live AVL view.

Creating a placemark
  • Click the blue pin from the left controls on the map. This will open the Placemarkers dialog. 

  • Enter a Name for the placemark. 

  • Choose either Pins or Icon. This is how the placemark will appear on the map. 


    Pins are coloured pins containing the chosen letter.

    Icons are preset images of various placemarks.

Placing a placemark
  • Once you have chosen a name and type of icon/pin, you may click where you would like to set the placemarker. It will immediately be added to the map.

  • When finished adding placemarkers, press the X icon in the top right of the Placemarkers dialog.

Removing a placemark
  • Click on the placemarker you wish to remove and press the X in the dialog. The placemarker will be removed immediately.

Removing a placemarker is also done in the Live AVL view.

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