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Programming a Subscriber Radio – Conventional

In this article we will go over the steps to program a subscriber radio for a Conventional Radio System. The images are a guideline and options can differ depending on the version of software you are using.

Subscriber radio general settings
  • Set a Radio ID. Each radio ID must be unique.

  • Ensure GNSS (or GPS) is checked.

In the left navigation bar, choose General Settings.

Radio programming security settings.
  • Ensure Privacy Type is set to the same value as the repeater.

  • If  Privacy is  set to Basic, set a basic privacy key.

    If Privacy is set to Enhanced, add a privacy key.

Select Security from the left menu.

Subscriber radio network configuration
  • ARS Radio ID should be set to the ID of your control stations.

  • TMS Radio ID should be set to the ID of your control stations.

Select Network from the left navigation menu.

Contacts - Digital configuration
  • Create a contact which will be used for voice communications (this has no effect on GPS).

Navigate to Contacts > Digital.

RX Group List adding a contact
  • Create a Digital RX Group list and add the contact to the members.

Navigate to RX Group List > Digital in the left panel.

Channels and zone configuration
  • Ensure Auto Scan/Roam list is set to None. Set the Color Code to match what is set in the repeater.

  • Ensure the Repeater/Time Slot is set to 1.

  • Ensure ARS is set to on system change.

  • If you are using Enhanced GNSS/GPS ensure Compressed UDP Data Header is set to MSI. Otherwise leave it as None and ensure enhanced GNSS/GPS is unchecked.

In the left panel, Navigate to Channels > Zone Name. Create a digital channel.

Channel RX and TX configuration
  • Set both the RX and TX values  (note: these must be opposite to what is set in the repeater)

  • Set the group list to what was created in RX Group lists –Digital.

  • Set the Contact you just created.

  • Ensure Admit Criteria is set to Channel Free, and ensure the In call Criteria is set to Follow Admit Criteria.

Copy channel
  • Create a copy of the Digital Channel. Right click on the channel and press Copy

  • Paste it in the Channel Pool by right clicking and choosing Paste.

Secondary channel configuration
  • Switch to the copy of the Channel and rename it if desired.

  • Set the Repeater/Time slot to 2.

  • Set the ARS to Disabled.

  • If you are using Enhanced GPS/GNSS make sure it is checked and set your window size to match what is set on your repeater. Otherwise leave it unchecked.

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